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Stephanie has been doing my nails for the last couple of years. I never had the time or money to spend on doing my nails regularly before, but with Stephanie at Star Quality I love how meticulous she is with my fingers and toes. She has so many choices of color and shade that it's always fun to figure out what to do every visit. I was given a gift certificate for a facial and the experience was just completely wonderful.

Janice Robinson-Haman

Five years ago, I had to see a dermatologist for some pre-cancer skin lesions on my face. I never in my life thought to visit a dermatologist, but this visit scared me. Once I had several treatments from the doctor and just needed my yearly check I started thinking perhaps it's time to take care of my skin.

My very first session with Stephanie I fell in love with her knowledge, gentle way and professional skills. I have been to several other facial salon's but was never satisfied with the products or the results. It's been two years visiting Stephanie for my personal skincare routine. I love the Dermalogica product and the results have been amazing. I appreciate her kind, gentle way and trust her completely in making my face shine. Most of all, I love that she has educated me about my skin.

Thank you Stephanie for being you.

Respectfully yours, Ann Marie Frid

Stephanie has been caring for my skin for approximately 5 years now. During that time she has always made sure that I received the absolute best service and advice on how to properly care for my skin. As I've gotten a little older, my skin pigmentation began to change. Specifically, my fair skin began to develop "freckles". What I learned from Stephanie was that although I took really great care of my skin, fair skin women can develop a change in pigmentation due to stress, sun exposure and natural aging. She recommended a series of treatments utilizing the Dermalogica Brand Chroma White.

After just one treatment I noticed a complete difference in my skin. It was softer and the dark spots on my cheek were gone! After 2 weeks, the spots on my left side, or "driver's window" as we like to call it began to break up just a little. By the end of week 4 my right side was back to looking like the skin I had as a 20 something girl and by the end of 6 weeks the only spot left to work on was my forehead. I purchased the Chroma White product line and use it faithfully.

As a result, my skin looks better than it did when I was younger and when I go out with my sisters I'm always asked if I'm the youngest of the four! In reality I am the oldest of the four girls, the youngest one being 8 years younger than me! Thank you Stephanie, for not only making a difference in my life as an incredible professional woman and service provider, but for helping me look years younger than my sisters!

Kimber Hanrahan

You will feel extremely relaxed and comfortable with Stephanie. She has a very gentle and healing touch. Her performance as an Esthetician and as a Nail Tech is always on a professional and excellent level. I suppose what I like most about Stephanie is that she's not in the business just to "make money"; she truly cares for the health of your skin, and will do what it takes to make a difference. You will not be disappointed. Take that leap and form a close relationship with her, it will be well worth your while.

It has been my pleasure to write this testimonial in behalf of Stephanie Jay. Thank you for your attention.

An extremely happy client since 2004, Paulette Halle

I've been a customer and friend of Stephanie's for over 8 years. I say friend because she treats me like a close personal friend every time I see her. Stephanie is the epitome of professionalism and above all else understands the art and importance of customer service. She goes above and beyond to not only make sure your needs are met, but she also works to customize your services to your needs. I started seeing her for my nails and grew that relationship into all of my skin care needs; since Stephanie has been caring for my skin it has improved 100%. In fact, my sister who is an esthetician in Denver has commented on how perfect my skin is. I look forward to my bi-weekly appointments with "Dr. Stephanie" as I like to call her because she truly exports me from the land of the mundane and every day responsibility into a place of deep relaxation and solace. The only thing she has not figured out to do yet is to make it so I don't have to drive home! If you truly want the best in service, experience and expertise make an appointment with Stephanie.

Manager Talent Development & Acquisition, Kimber Hanrahan

I have worked in the beauty business for more than 5 years as a receptionist/manager of a full service salon. With easy access to many services a full service salon offers, I have well experienced many different peoples' styles and techniques with facial treatments.

I have been seeing Stephanie for 2 years for facial treatments and nails. Stephanie by far exceeds anyone else I have had services with.

Experiencing her facial treatments literally lets you escape life into a world that has you floating on the clouds with an out of body existence. Imagine having the ability to escape to that tropical destination you dream of and then awakening from a restful and peaceful slumber. That is what I experience every time I am with Stephanie. Warm towels, no talking, the quiet surroundings (she even takes her shoes off so you don't hear her moving around), the comfort of her bed and blankets all the while listening to pleasant music and ocean sounds makes it for a wonderful experience in her Spa.

To top it off, your skin is thoroughly clean, refreshed, taut and glowing. Dermalogica products are superb offering many different products for every age and type of skin.

For Stephanie, it is not about just selling skin care products. She knows how important it is to educate people about skin care. That includes everyone...teenagers, women and men,..yes, men! She has the caliber like a dermatologist in which she is trained to see things that look suspicious and will advise you to see a dermatologist. For teenagers, to help them get through those acne years, Stephanie teaches them how important it is to take care of their skin. In turn, this trains them as they mature to continue with a skin care regimen. For women with problematic skin, Stephanie has treatments to help women overcome the challenges one is faced with due to skin conditions, and their self-esteem is made stronger knowing their skin looks and feels 10X better. For men, Stephanie helps them to understand the philosophy of women taking care of their skin. She also shows men why they should be using her products instead of a bar of soap or nothing.

Stephanie stands true to her motto - ""Treating YOU like a STAR, and giving you the Quality of Service YOU Deserve!!"

Glendale Arizona Helena Moore

I used to feel like I could have EITHER blemish free skin that was dry and flaky - OR smooth moisturized skin with blemishes.

My mother always thought I should go for the moisturized skin [with zits] because it would prevent wrinkles as I aged. I always preferred the blemish-free dried out version of skin care, because I wanted to be as blemish free as possible. At any rate for me, the phrases "moisturized skin" and "blemish free" were mutually exclusive.

Everyone thinks that they will outgrow blemishes and acne. That's certainly what I thought. But then, when I was fifty, my face exploded with acne. I spent the next eight years looking for some way to manage my complexion - and also counteract the constant unsightly peeling and painful dryness that came with the acne treatments I tried. Most of the moisturizing products I tried just made me break out even more. Sensitive, thin skin with acne. I felt cursed. Then, in the summer of 2008, I received a Star Quality Skin Care gift certificate and everything changed for me.

I still remember my first facial with Stephanie. I felt so pampered, loved & relaxed, I began to cry. It was the kind of crying that accompanies a powerful release of stress. What a gift! My skin felt really good after the facial, so I decided to try the Age Smart travel kit, a perfect way to check out the products, because I was suspicious that they might make me break out even more - like nearly everything else I had tried. I used the cleanser, hydrating mist, eye cream and face cream and felt immediate improvement in the moisture level of my skin - without additional breakouts! No sensitivity to the products - only relief. Then, over the next month, my blemishes began to diminish. My face has continued clearing over the last year, just with the use of these products. A few months ago, I added Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant, a gentle, soothing complexion "polisher" to my skincare regimen, and I love the results I get every day. I recently added Overnight Clearing Gel, which I apply only to areas where I have blemishes. This stuff is amazing. No redness, no peeling - just healing.

Stephanie's great care plus the Dermalogica Age Smart product line have been a god-send for me. Stephanie has become my partner in helping me manage my complexion, and my budget. She gives me samples so I can try products that might make a difference for me, and does not pressure me to buy.

More than any other part of our physical bodies, our faces communicate our identity to the world. [Why do business cards and ads contain head shots?] I want my complexion to be as clear, moisturized and soft as it can be. Then I know that when I am face to face with others, they are seeing me - not my acne. That's why I have partnered with Stephanie and Star Quality Skin Care to put my "best face" forward.

Goodyear Arizona Suzanne W.