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Complete Nail Services

Manicure   $30

Spa Manicure   $35

Gel Manicure   $35

Pedicure   $45

Spa Pedicure   $50

Detox Pedicure   $50

Nail polishing/Gel polish removal   $15

Paraffin   $10

Gel Nails Full Set (no extension)   $40

Gel Fill (no extension)   $35

Nail Services

In 1999 I decided to change careers and become a licensed nail technician in the Northwest Phoenix area. I attended Maricopa Beauty College in Arizona and after 600 hours of training became a licensed nail technician with training in manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, gel nails and nail art.


A well manicured set of nails can make any hand look amazing. My manicures begin with the shaping of the nail. Some clients prefer a square nail, oval nail or round nail. Whatever the shape, I can accommodate client's preference. If the client is unsure of what shape would be best, I can suggest the best shape of nail for the client's hand. Next I apply cuticle remover and soak the cuticles to soften them. Once the cuticle is softened it can be pushed back. Remember, when a manicurist trims the cuticle she is not removing it. She is simply removing the excess skin around it.

A professionally trained manicurist will always follow proper safety when using cuticle nippers. After the excess dead skin is removed I buff the nail smooth. Buffing the nail prepares it for a smooth nail polish application. I then apply cuticle oil to moisturize the cuticle and apply lotion for the massage. A relaxing hand and arm massage are by far the best part of a great manicure. Hand massage can be a great stress relief as well as very therapeutic for clients with carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

Finally, it's time to polish. I use nothing but the highest quality nail polish. I use OPI and Creative Nail Polish. Both nail polish brands are made in the United States. I begin with Sticky nail polish base coat by Creative. Then follows an OPI polish. Some clients prefer a nice bright red others prefer a french manicure. The final top coat is Super Shiny by Creative. Once the manicure is completed the clients hands look beautiful and healthy!


Even though most people say they dislike their feet, after one of my pedicures they quickly change their mind. When your feet feel good, the whole body feels good. My pedicures begin with a fantastic foot soak in my whirlpool foot bath. Soaking the feet not only cleanses the foot but also softens the cuticle and prepares the foot for callous removal. After the foot has soaked I trim the toenails and file them. I can also address any issues with ingrown toenails at that time. This problem can sometimes change the way in which the toenails are shaped. Now the cuticle is prepared and is ready to be pushed back.


It is a natural body process for the cuticle to begin to grow over the nail bed. Only a professional pedicurist can properly remove the dead skin around the cuticle. Once the cuticle is pushed back and the excess skin is removed, the nail is ready to be buffed. Once the manicuring of the nail has been completed, it is now time to remove any excess dead skin around the heels and under the toes. In order to do this I use a callous remover. A callous remover contains salicylic acid to help remove the dead skin from the area. The callous remover in conjunction with a foot file can bring the skin on the heel and other parts of the foot, back to a nice smooth finish. Once this is completed it is now time to move onto the foot massage.

A nice, firm foot massage can release tension in the body and make a client feel like they are walking on air for several hours after the pedicure. It is important for a licensed pedicurist to also know about reflexology. There are certain areas you should not massage with firmness if a client has a certain medical condition or is pregnant. Once the massage is completed, the clients nails can be polished. I use only USA made nail polishes. My favorites are OPI and Creative Nail Polish. Some clients prefer a hot pink polish, while others like a more natural french pedicure. I can also apply nail art. It can be anything from nail decals to nail gems across the tip of the toenail. Once the pedicure is completed the clients feet look attractive and feel fantastic and ready for that night out in the northwest Phoenix area!

Gel Nails

Gel nails are the most natural looking nail enhancement out there. I have several hours of training in acrylic nails as well, but since I perform skin treatments in my suite I felt that applying acrylic enhancements would not be a good match. As much as I love to see a client with beautiful acrylic french nails, I do not like the smell and the dust that is spread throughout the air during application. Another reason I prefer gel nails is that the filing is minimal. Not as much filing with a nail drill is necessary.

When a client comes to see me for gel nail enhancements I do a thorough consultation to make sure I understand what the client is looking for. If they are looking for a natural looking nail, gel nails are the way to go.


I can either apply a clear gel nail or a french gel nail. One more question I ask is if they are looking for length with there nail enhancement. If they are I explain to them that the gel nails that I apply do not make the nail longer, they are applied right over the own natural nail. They work with the clients own natural nail length and once applied keep the nail strong and healthy looking. The gel grows out with the clients own nail, but does not leave that ridge that you often see with acrylic nails. A fill is still necessary every two to three weeks just like it is with an acrylic nail fill. At the time the nail is ready for a gel fill the top layer of gel is removed and new product is applied. The gel cures with a UV light and is dry by the time the client leaves the chair.

Spa Manicure

If you are looking for a luxurious and relaxing treatment for the hands the spa manicure is my most popular. The spa manicure begins with the filing of the nails to your desired shape and an aromatherapy soak for pure relaxation. Once the cuticles are softened they are trimmed and the nail is buffed to remove any roughness or ridges. A hydrating cooling masque is then applied to the hand and removed with a soothing steamed towel. A synergestic blend of natural oils are then applied to the cuticle area and what follows is a massage using therapeutic lotion that helps repair dry, damaged skin. For ultimate hydration the hand is then dipped in a warm paraffin wax. This leaves the skin looking younger and refreshed and ready for polish. An anchoring base coat is first used to ensure that your polish lasts. After your chosen color is applied a high gloss top coat finshes your look. Time to step out and look like a Star!

Spa Pedicure

Are your feet feeling tired and in need of a luxurious and relaxing Star Quality treatment? Then the my spa pedicure is just what you need. The spa pedicure begins with an aromatherapy soak in a heated whirlpool footbath. The toenails are then trimmed and shaped. Now that the skin is softened the cuticles are trimmed and the nail is buffed to removed any roughness or ridges. A callous eliminator is then used and the foot is filed to remove any dead skin. Next a hydrating cooling masque is then applied to the foot and removed with a soothing steamed towel. A synergestic blend of natural oils are then applied to the cuticle area and what follows is a relaxing foot massage using a therapeutic lotion that helps repair dry, damaged skin. For ultimate hydration the foot is then dipped in a warm paraffin wax. Now your toes are ready for polish. An anchoring base coat is first used to ensure that your polish lasts. After you have chosen a color for your toes a high gloss top coat finishes your look. When you step out you'll be looking like a star and feeling like you're walking on air!

Our Clients

Five years ago, I had to see a dermatologist for some pre-cancer skin lesions on my face. I never in my life thought to visit a dermatologist, but this visit scared me. Once I had several treatments from the doctor and just needed my yearly check I started thinking perhaps it's time to take care of my skin.

My very first session with Stephanie I fell in love with her knowledge, gentle way and professional skills. I have been to several other facial salon's but was never satisfied with the products or the results. It's been two years visiting Stephanie for my personal skincare routine. I love the Dermalogica product and the results have been amazing. I appreciate her kind, gentle way and trust her completely in making my face shine. Most of all, I love that she has educated me about my skin.

Thank you Stephanie for being you.

Respectfully yours, Ann Marie Frid